From ashes Sangram Singh rose to be one of the most famous wrestlers of Modern India. He is an epitome of hard work, determination and honesty. It is because of these qualities that he won numerable medals in Amateur Wrestling and was accolade with the World's Best Professional Wrestler Award in 2012. Sangram Singh was the first wrestler to represent India in various Professional World Wrestling Championships and Amateur World Wrestling Championships.

“The roughest roads often lead to the top” is a quote that aptly describes Sangram’s journey. Born on 21st July in a small village called Madina, Rohtak district, Haryana, Sangram was a premature baby weighing only 210gms and didn’t have a healthy childhood. In addition to battling a deteriorating health Sangram suffered from arthritis which lead to a paralytic stroke only adding to his woes. He spent almost 8 years of his life on wheelchair. However even after facing all these difficulties in such a nascent stage of his life he never gave up and kept persistently toiling to overcome his health issues. He thought to himself, “This life is god’s gift to me and I surely need to do something big in it”.

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